We're in Jim Motavalli's CarTalk!

05/03/2011 14:33

This might be old news, folks, but it's still exciting as ever! On April 21, 2011, We featured on Jim Motavalli's blog on Car Talk! Mr. Motavalli has been passionate about the environment for many years, and especially is interested in energy efficiency in vehicles. He even has his own blog with the New York Times, check it here: Jim's Blogs on Wheels.


Most of our team met with him on April 6, 2011 and gave him the run down of our project, our motivations and our team structure. It was a good experience, and Jim was interested as well as supportive of our team's efforts and passion for innovation and sustainability. We might not exactly save the world with our one invention, but it has to start somewhere! We hope this is proof that you don't need to be rich or finished with college to do amazing things.


Check out the article

Just a minor note: we're not interns. We're just undergrads doing this because we want to, are motivated and believe we can!